North Finland and Varanger 17/05/2019-27/05/2019

28 de Maig de 2019

150ssp./ 5 new for WP list Highlights: The dense forest of Oulu and Kuusamo areas. A promising forest path in Kemijarvi. The tetraonidae in Rovaniemi area. The birdfeeder in Café Nejlan Tuulen Tupa. The Skuas crossing Varanger slopes.The amazing sea view from Cape East Homestay. The 8 White-billed divers in Hamminberg coast. A pair of […]

Fuerteventura 01/02/2109- 04/02/20019

18 de Febrer de 2019

58 ssp./ 0 ssp. new for the WP Highlights: 4 houbara bustard crossing the secondary road at sunset in Tindaya plains. 2 cream-coloured cursors feeding the chickade. My 2nd visit with a dwarf bittern in the island, my 2nd sighting. The Costa calma garden in Pajara, with 3 different yellow-browed warblers, a red-breasted flycatcher and […]

Morocco 7/01/2019-11/11/2019

20 de Gener de 2019

A relaxing trip to Marrackesh and surroundings gave us 51 ssp./ 0 new for WP. 1.Bubulcus ibis 2.Ardea cinerea 3. Ciconia ciconia 4. Accipiter nisus 5. Aquila chrysaetos 6. Falco tinnunculus 7. Columba livia 8. Columba palumbus 9. Streptopelia decaocto 10. Upupa epops 11. Picus vaillantii 12. Dendrocopos major 13. Ammomanes deserti 14. Galerida cristata […]

Corsica 26/06/2018 al 02/06/2018

4 de Juliol de 2018

A relaxing trip to Corsica resulted in 71 ssp, 2 new for WP  Anas plathryrhynchos Alectoris rufa Phalacrocorax aristotelis Egretta garzetta Egretta alba Ardea cinerea Phoenicopterus ruber Circaetus gallicus Milvus milvus Milvus migrans Buteo buteo Circus aeroginosus Accipiter nisus Falco tinnunculus Falco subbuteo Larus ridibundus Larus michaehellis Larus audouini Sterna hirundo Columba livia Columba palumbus […]

Madeira 24/05/18- 26/05/18

27 de Maig de 2018

25 ssp./ 6 ssp. new for WP Higlights: The pelagic trip aboard a zodiac with astonishing views of the legendary Zino’s Petrel. Dolphins and turtles. The Roseate Tern’s tail waving as a kite besides Funchal’s harbour. The high mountains, Pico Rubio and Pico do Arieiro and their leafy landscapes. Ribeiro Frio and Seixal valleys. The […]

Lesvos 05/05/2018- 12/05/2018

15 de Maig de 2018

146 ssp./ 1 ssp. new for WP Highlights: The ice-creams from Mólivo’s village with Ruepell’s Warbler around. The White-winged Terns flying along the canal in Kalloni’s saltpans. The urgent extraction of a painful tooth. Krueper’s Nuthatch moment. The owl prowl with three Scops Owl and a Barn Owl. The River Warbler heard (but not seen, […]

Iceland 14/04/2018- 21/04/2018

14 de Maig de 2018

67 ssp. / 3 ssp new for WP Highlights: The Ring Circle. The Milky Whale boat in Hussavik (without whales but with lots of fun). The landscapes around Myvatan lake.  The Gyrfalcon spots. The unfinishing volcanic areas. The isolation. The fish and chips for 18 euros. A male drake King Eider in Akranes. The first twitch […]

Netherlands 18/01/2018- 24/01/2018

14 de Maig de 2018

98 ssp./ 4 ssp. new for WP Highlights: The 5 Lesser White-fronted Geese in Strijen. The beautifulness of a male Bufflehead. The Snow Buntings in Texel dunes. The bed and breakfasts. Cygnus atratus Cygnus olor Cygnus cygnus Anser fabalis Anser brachyrhynchus Anser albifrons Anser erythropus Anser anser Branta canadensis Branta leucopsis Branta bernicla Alopochen aegyptius […]

Azores 19/10/2017- 30/12/2017

14 de Maig de 2018

57 ssp./ 11 ssp. new for WP Highlights: The self-found feeling with a Belted Kingfisher in Flores. The rain in Paul da Praya (Terceira) doing my birding a leap of faith. The American waders and a few American warblers. The American ducks. The casual encounter with an Eurasian Woodcock from Flores population. The 4 Azores […]

Israel 03/03/2017- 13/03/2017

14 de Maig de 2018

204 ssp./ 31 ssp. new for WP Highlights: The Liechtenstein’s Sandgrouse drinking after sunset in Eilat. The long deserts. The awsome swimming in Eilat Coral beach. The Dead Sea area, Golan Heights and Nizzana desert. The Black Scrub Robin and the Syrian Serin. Kfar Ruppin. Tweet